What Color Do Muslim Brides Wear? (Choices Reviewed)

Recently, I attended a Muslim wedding ceremony characterized by a unique blend of traditional Islamic customs. I wondered whether brides are required to dress in a specific colored dress. So, I conducted research to find out more on this subject.

So, what color do Muslim brides wear? Muslim brides wear whatever their traditions and the culture they reside in goes by. For instance, some Muslim women choose to wear red, whilst other Muslim women prefer wearing green as it is said to be the color of the prophet. Islam is not really about colors, there is no specific color that suggests a good or a bad omen.

For some, a white wedding dress is traditional, but Muslim wedding traditions are not international and numerous Muslim brides choose a dress color other than white with styles like sleeveless dresses but in a more modest design in accordance with their religious, or cultural traditions.

Muslim brides wear long dresses in muted colors or bright ones; usually, they are highly embellished or decorated and a headscarf or a hijab. Muslim brides can opt to wear a heavily plated lehenga in a bright color that is traditionally decorated with shades of red, together with a blouse embroidered in gold.

A dupatta can be draped over her head and can be styled around the bride’s shoulders along with the waist to keep the age-old traditional sentiments, while at the same time displaying the fine gold embroidery of the jewelry and dress.

The bride wears gold and silver jewelry studded with semi-precious and precious stones. She adorns herself with customary circular earrings that are called Kundalas as well as anklets known as Nupura along with the Dekdaman, which is an elegant accessory that is worn over the forehead.

The color of the dress does not really matter, as the rule on the bride’s wedding dress is all about modesty. Brides are required to wear a hijab. Hijab is a symbol of elegance and modesty. This symbol is kept in mind when choosing the wedding dress. Color should be keenly picked to ensure that it matches the style of the wedding venue. Many brides opt for dark colors while others opt for light color provided that it is in line with their personality.

A white wedding dress is usually associated with goodness, light, purity, innocence, and virginity. Muslim brides chose this color because it is considered a color of perfection. It is a choice for many traditional brides. 

muslim bride and groom having photo taken
White wedding dress

The same characteristics that outline the white dress also describes an ivory wedding dress, as it’s a traditional color that can be worn at a Muslim wedding. However, some Muslim brides believe that an ivory dress is a symbol of tainted innocence. Some argue that it is an old-school way of thinking and many Muslim brides opt for an ivory wedding dress because it looks better than white on their skin.

A red wedding dress symbolizes many things including infatuation, love, excitement, strong emotions, passion, energy, and strength. Most Muslim brides especially those who live with Hindus love wearing red wedding dresses. It is very popular because the Muslim brides who opt for such a color want to stand out from the crowd and at the same time embracing modesty and simplicity.

The pink color helps represent a child-like personality coupled with innocence. It is as well attributed to love, purity, freshness, good health, and good life. Brides who opt for such a color may want to show a more flirtatious personality.

Pink is usually associated with women and their femininity. A blue wedding dress is associated with the water and the sea. It represents peacefulness and calmness. It helps convey life, femininity, and purity just like water. Blue color can also help symbolize security, stability, and lifelong loyalty.

A black colored wedding dress is usually looked upon in contemporary Muslim society as an eerie color. It is an odd choice for a Muslim bride. Other Muslim brides view a black wedding dress as a dress that shows elegance or class. It also helps show power, sophistication, sexuality, wealth, mystery, depth, and best of all, it could be a symbol of sheer style.

Why do Muslim Brides Wear Green?

Muslim brides wear green as it is said to be the color of the Prophet Muhammad. The prophet is said to have worn a green turban and cloak. His writing is full of references to the green color. In addition, the Quran dictates that the dwellers of paradise wear green clothes. Muslim brides wear green because it is a symbol of nature and life, especially potent in a dry desert. It is a symbol of purity and shown abstinence. It is considered the color of ascetics and saints who have renounced the world.

Interestingly, the green color falls in the middle of the visible spectrum. It is therefore the best color to represent Islam. It is ideal for a Muslim bride to wear a green dress to show that she fully embraces a religion of moderation. Green is also considered a symbol of good life and prosperity.

Green wedding dress

A green wedding dress lets the bride embrace her natural disposition in regard to expressing her love for the Messenger of Allah. And by way of attaching herself to the color of the clothes of the peoples of paradise and believing in the unseen.

A passage of the Quran talks about paradise as a place where the inhabitants will wear green garments made of fine silk. One hadith explicitly states that when Allah’s apostle was dead, he was covered by Hibra Burd which is a green square garment. It is therefore evident that the use of green colors in a wedding dress is considered heavenly and pure.

Do Muslim Brides Wear Red?

A Muslim bride can wear a red dress. There is no problem with it. The vibrant, attention grabbing red that makes people’s eyes bleed hues of red are allowed because it gives the bride a royal look. Most brides opt for a red dress as it symbolizes wealth and happiness. It is highly believed that it brings luck to the bride.

A red wedding dress symbolizes the feminine side of the bride and helps portray her wild side. Apart from personal preferences, it more of a trend that has been embraced by Muslim brides over many years. Most brides follow similar fashion trends that were embraced by their elders.

Red Wedding dress

Red dresses are normally made in contrast with gold color with both colors complementing each other. It can as well be worn in contrast with the green, purple and blue. In most nikah ceremonies, a bright red ghagra, long pleated skirt coupled with a long sleeve shirt along with a flowing dupatta that goes well with the outfit is common.

The dupatta is hung lower over the bowed head and draped around the waist and shoulders of the bride. This ensures that the jewelry is visible. In such a configuration, the dupatta acts as a veil and is used to mark respect to the elders in the ceremony.

In conclusion, Muslim bride attire is strictly outlined in the Quran. At any instance, the bride should cover her body leaving only her face and hands visible to the public. Therefore wedding attires are required to have neat and concealing collars as well as a dupatta to help her cover her head.

As mentioned above, green is known to be the most favorable color in Islam religion and bridal wedding dresses in green color are encouraged. However, it is important to note that the bride is at liberty to choose the color she feels comfortable with. The color chosen should clearly outline her personality and make her feel special. To ensure she look stunning, the bride should wear host ornaments made of gold and other precious stones

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