Do Muslim Weddings Have Bridesmaids and Best Men?

Muslim bridesmaids lined up a wedding

When I was preparing to marry the love of my life in a mosque, I wondered if it is permissible to have bridesmaids and best men for a reception in an Islamic wedding. In my determination to avoid an embarrassing faux pas at my Muslim marriage, I conducted extensive research on this subject.

So, do Muslim weddings have bridesmaid and best men? Yes, it is permissible for the bride and groom to have someone to adorn and accompany them. Typically, bridesmaids and best men serve the couple. This is widespread in ancient times and is still practiced today. It is allowed according to sharia law.

In a traditional Islam wedding, there is ‘mehndi’ and the way it normally works is that a Muslim Man is met by guests who greet them before the wedding and a meal. There exists some local customs like the groom putting on mehndi and having his best men play pranks on the groom. This is deemed okay so long as no action done during the ceremony contradicts Islam in any manner.

It states in Kashshaaf al Qinaa’ (5/463) that if the bride or bride requires someone to serve her, because a lady like her is not in a position to serve herself or because of her situation or high position, and has no servant, then she is entitled to have a servant. The requirement being that the bridesmaid or servant should be an individual for whom it is permissible to take care of the bride.

Henna night is a common tradition amongst Muslim brides. Having a bridesmaid during such a party is thoughtful. The night is full of activities like the drawing of the delicate and artful patterns on the hands and feet of the bride. Many make the most of this celebration by giving presents to the bride and eating delicious food- this celebration is a great opportunity for the bride to bond with her bridesmaids before the big day. It is also typical to have a similar ceremony for the groom.

It is not just the couple that will have a celebration before the wedding. A common celebration I Islamic cultures is the fatha, in which the fathers of the couple, along with the male family and friends, stretch out their hands and recite prayers at a local mosque after the proposal. Having bridesmaids and best men will help support you in such a ceremony.

Gender separation is a norm in a Muslim wedding. During the reception, men and women may be required to celebrate in different rooms, being divided by a partition of simply sitting in different tables. Having bridesmaids and best men to provide the needed company is thoughtful. The couple will be able to enjoy their big day by having friends and family to offer their support.

The nikah is always attended by close family members, relatives and close friends of the bride and groom. The gender separation is observed by having purdah or a curtain separating them. At this time, the marriage contract is being signed. Following the Islamic customs, the bride and groom share a piece of a sweet fruit.

Since the male and females are separated for the ceremony, a best man known as a wali acts on brides during the nikah. The father of the bride is appointed as a wali or simply a guardian to look after the bride’s interest in the Nikah by the Maluvi.

Bridesmaids and best men play a key role in the walima ceremony. The ceremony entails the announcement of the wedding to the community and friends. They help in aiding the groom’s parents in hosting the relatives and friends to the reception. In some Muslim cultures the walima ceremony may take up to two days. The bride and groom ought to have helpers in the form of bridesmaids and best men to ensure that they enjoy the ceremony without any disturbance.

In many cases, the bride and groom may be required to change into different outfits during the ceremony. Oftentimes, the bride wears a gown that includes pearl, jewels and gold. Bridesmaids help ensure that the bride is dressed elegantly. They help the bride to smoothly transition from one outfit to the other.

Do Muslim Weddings Have a Best Man?

A Muslim wedding bears numerous similarities to weddings in other religion, they are a time to celebrate faith, love and unity. It is one of the occasions that the groom can celebrate with his best friends and a best man. Best men play an essential role in a nikah. They are always there to act as witnesses. When you and your partner are presented with the nikah namah, these friends will witness and attest your union.

During the Baraat where the groom usually uses a decorated car to reach the wedding venue. He is usually escorted by best men and daily members. It is a splendid and loud procession that normally declares that the wedding will happen in a few hours.

Later, the bride’s family will receive the groom at the wedding venue where he is served with a cool drink that he has in the company of the best men or the bride’s brother. The relatives of the groom also receive a grand welcome and are sprayed with rose water or attar-scent as they are welcomed into the venue

Muslim weddings are full of traditions including the classic best man’s speech. It is characterized by the reputation for lighting up the wedding and igniting laughter. During the wedding the groomsmen are tasked with ensuring that the groom picks out the right attire according to the Islamic traditions. They also help welcome guests to the wedding ceremony and make sure that the groom is in the right place at the right time.

After walima the wedding ceremony is characterized by dancing and making merry. Guests line up in front of the stage and take photos with the groom. Best Men help make sure that the event runs smoothly. In most cases the stage is always packed with so many guests therefore it’s the duty of the best man to ensure that the groom is not overwhelmed.

A vague but definite responsibility of any best men in a Muslim ceremony is to be as helpful as possible during the ceremony. In many Muslim weddings, the ceremony may be conducted for more than a day- there are numerous guests that need to be directed to sit at the right place and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Best men arrive early to provide the helping hand if needed. They know where to direct guests as they arrive. Help in setting everything up for the groom. There are always numerous things to arrange before the religious even begins.

A Muslim wedding is characterized by numerous gift exchanges between the families of the bride and groom. It is a symbol of welcoming each other in their respective households, a best man is expected to help out much with the actual wedding planning, and he is required to be on hand to ensure that the groom’s gifts are secure and well kept.

Gifts are typically exchanged during the ceremony. Best men offer to help the groom pick out the gifts. This process is usually exhausting, and the groom will definitely appreciate guidance and help from the best men. Having best men or a bridesmaid is not something that belongs to one particular culture or it is something that has to do with religion; rather, it is a matter of tradition or custom, which varies from one society to another, and may be necessary.

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