Do Muslims Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary?

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I married the love of my life just a year ago in a religious Islamic wedding and as my anniversary is coming in just a few weeks. I really wanted to have a great time with my wife, and I wondered if Islam allows it. So, I conducted extensive research to find out if celebrating a wedding anniversary is considered imitating the kuffar.

So, do Muslims celebrate their wedding anniversary? There is nothing wrong with celebrating your wedding anniversary as a Muslim. What is not allowed in Islam is to follow on the footsteps of unbelievers in their traditions and customs. Feeling that they are superior or that it is good to be like them. But this does not mean that everything that they have or do is bad. Or that Muslims should not learn from them what is useful or beneficial. Muslims can adapt to what is suitable to them.

Having a wedding anniversary is a cultural thing. Imitating the kuffar is haram when you imitate something that is uniquely kufr. A wedding anniversary is a special event for married couples and celebrating it in a manner that does not involve any un-Islamic practices is permissible.

Forbidding it is considered way too strict. Sometimes the Islamic religion has made life so impossible and unrealistic by insinuating that anniversaries are haram and bidah. This is honestly very strict and is considered foolish. Anyone who considers this as haram while speaking in English, wearing pants and shirts, and living in other places like the U.S. is considered a hypocrite. Everything becomes haram, right?

Having a wedding anniversary cannot be compared with wearing a cross or wearing a white collar like a pastor. Celebrating Christmas is imitating the kuffar. This is haram. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a personal anniversary. Provided that you are doing it with the intention of giving your wife something nice and thanking Allah to grant you more happiness and fulfillment in your married life.

The fact that wedding anniversaries celebrations are marked in non-Muslim countries in a way that is unacceptable to Islam does not mean that Muslims should shun away from celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Muslims can mark such a day in their own unique way, which should always be within the limits that Allah has set.

Celebrations in Islam are subject debate whether it is permitted in Islamic law Seeing that Allah has blessed or not. The wedding anniversary is no exception. Many Muslim couples are hesitant in celebrating it as they are afraid that it is prohibited. There is nothing to worry about since it is not written in the Hadith or Quran that a wedding anniversary is not acceptable.

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Islam is what is important. When you celebrate it, you should do it according to Sharia law. Islam taught us to love each other and care for other whether they are family members, neighbors, friends and your spouse. As long as we are engaging in an act of kindness, Allah gives his blessing.

It should be stressed that these celebrations should be conducted within a religious context. Otherwise, you can fall in the trap of imitating otters, something that Prophet Mohammed warned Muslims against.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a sign that the couple still loves each other. Allah always loves those who make their spouses happy. In the Quran surah Ar-Rum the Quran has mentioned this. Having a wedding anniversary is an indication that the spouse is respectful to your relationship and marriage life.

However, it is important to note that several Muslim scholars have discouraged the act of celebrating wedding anniversaries claiming that the celebration is in imitation of the non-Muslims. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Maine who is a member of the council of scholars have declared that Muslims have their own identity which distinguishes them from non-believers. He claims that celebrating wedding anniversaries is an imitation of the non-Muslims.

He stresses that if a Muslim wants to celebrate his or her wedding anniversary, he or she is required to undertake it within a religious context. Saud Al-Finaisan who is the former dean of the Sharian college at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islam University claims that celebrating wedding anniversaries are not permissible by Islam as they are considered and imitation of non-Muslims.

On the other hand, Saleh bin Muqbil Al-Osaimi, who is a member of the Saudi Fiqh Society claims that the reason behind the prohibition of such occasions is not that these occasions are considered irreligious, but they are the distinct customs of the followers of other faiths. He claims that Islam forbids all Muslims to liken themselves to the nonbelievers.

What can a Muslim Do during Their Wedding Anniversary?

The day should be a day that is dedicated to love and being grateful to Allah for his protection and love. Because without Allah’s permission, you might not have met your partner and gotten married. The fact that you’ve been married for some time is a testament of Allah’s protection and love. Because Allah has blessed your marriage that much, you should be grateful on your wedding anniversary. As him for more blessing in your marriage.

Spending a night alone with your spouse and treating her in a romantic way. Do things that you rarely do for her and take this as the first day of your wedding. It is important that you make your spouse happy and feel loved. Romance is key to ensure a successful union in Islam. Romance and affection should be done in private doors according to Islamic laws.

Going for a vacation is a good idea. When a couple has been in marriage for a long while, especially when you have kids, usually forget how to be romantic. Strengthen the bond and love for each other by taking your spouse for a vacation. 

Reminiscing old memories is romantic. From how you first interacted and grew fond of each other to the hardships that you have encountered in your marriage should remind you how you began and how much you have struggled to be where you are today.

Celebrating together with your kids enables you to establish a strong bond with them. Having a family dinner or a family vacation is encouraged. Never forget to pray to make Dua to Allah so that He can bless your marriage until Jannah. Take this time to celebrate the gift of life and blessings within your marriage.

To have many anniversaries to celebrate, a Muslim couple should know how to make their marriage successful. It is essential that you love one another because of Allah SWT and nothing else. It helps depict how good you are and how faithful you are to your spouse and Allah. Always remind your partner of Allah and commit good deeds together.

Be grateful to each other in all the ups and downs. Be the best friend to your spouse and encourage one another all the time. Focusing on what your family needs whether physically, mentally or spiritually is also important. Comforting each other is also encouraged.

In conclusion, Islam is a flexible religion that can fit in any era and age, wedding anniversary is permitted if it is done within the confines and dictates of Islamic law. As discussed above, celebrating this day should bring praise to Allah.

If you trust, obey and follow the commands and guidance by Allah and His messengers, you can be assured of never being misled. Therefore, nominating only one day of the year to celebrate your wedding anniversary is a good idea.

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